Pub Crawl 16/11/2016

As happens every single Term, this Winter Term 2016/2017 was not an exception and ESN KE organised Pub Crawl event on 16th of November, so one day before National Holiday on 17th of November. The Date 17th of November is considered to be also Day of Students in Slovakia. And where can be students seen during the cold evenings after their schoolday? Young people are often seen enjoying talks and chats with friends in pubs while sharing some snacks and Kofola (or other non-alcoholic drinks).


Erasmus have already visited some disco clubs and pubs on their own or with ESN members, but great way how to explore new places for young people is to come for Pub Crawl. The acitivity Pub Crawl comes from London and the aim is to visit few bars/pubs/clubs during one night and in every bars fullfil some task. People are divided into groups and the group which arrives to final destination as first is winning!

This acitivity is very popular every was this year!!! More than 80 Erasmus and more than 10 ESN KE members took part in this crazy race and run through the city of Kosice in freezing cold. On that night you could see happy faces of participants who were smilling, dancing, running, just to be the WINNING TEAM of Pub Crawl.

There were 6 teams with funny names. In every team there were Erasmus people from  different dormitories (to know each other better and make new friendships) who were led by 3 ESN KE members who controlled the situation. Every group was given map with list of bars to be visited and with tasks to be done. Photo in front of every pub, singature from bartender, video of Erasmus people singing Slovak National anthem, video of dancing snake-dance, photo with some special sign of the bar..that all was an evidence if the rules were not broken.

We all enjoyed great night full of happiness, laughters and we finished in Euro Pub. Maybe the only one who did not enjoy that much was ESN KE president, who came as 3rd...usually his team is winning team, but we are sorry, this Term there were better teams. However, he got chance next Term :P


Thanks to all participants and thanks to 10 bars (Nebra, EuroPub, Hattrick, Jekyll and Hyde, ZOO, RedLine, Corso, Pod Bastou,  Little Havana, Ceska Hospoda) for allowing us to come and make some noise in their bar that night.

ESN KE, Natalia Uramova