Trip to Zádielska dolina (Zadiel gorge)

Being an Erasmus in Košice gives you an opportunity to see the wonderful places without travelling too far. For those who also like hiking there is a perfect spot near village of Zádiel. It is located just 50 min from Košice, reachable by bus or train.

On Saturday, 11th of May ESN Košice organised the trip to Zádielska dolina (Zadiel gorge) that lies in the eastern part of the Slovak Karst National Park. We started in Turňa nad Bodvou, first visiting ruined Turňa castle and then we followed the path to the Zádiel plateau. The view up there was incredible along with sunny and hot weather, everything perfect for taking photos above the steep walls of gorge.

After descending to the small river passing through the gorge we continued to the last stop of our trip – Zádiel. Exhausted, a bit sunburnt, but with a good feeling we made it to the bus stop finally. Luckily on time, so we made it without any problems. We hope to make another trip like this soon so we can enjoy Košice’s surroundings more. Coordinator of the hiking was Veronika Schwarczová and also other members, Veronika Eibenová and Jožino Čech-Špirek participated.

Author: ESN Košice Sport Activities Manager Veronika Schwarczová