"Nation to Nation" (N2N) is ESN KE event during which nationalities represent their country, coulinary treasures, traditions and coultural heritages. Erasmus students of same nationality get together and on almost weekly basis prepare short presentation, food tasting and some activity (singing, dancing etc.) for other Erasmus students. After,,Nation to Nation,,-French, Spanish, TUrkish, Italian-evenings was right time to present Slovakia! ESN KE, we are sure we have a lot what to offer to foreigners and we are proud of our tasteful meals! That´s why ESN KE prepared N2N Slovak Night on Wednesday 7th of December 2016.

There was plenty of typical slovak food: huspenina, bryndzová nátierka, výrobky z ovčieho syra, zemiakové placky, žinčica, buchty na pare, pirohy and much much more... Erasmus students were amazed and they all enjoyed every meal a lot.


Short presentation of Slovak republic was presented which brought many funny moments, e.g. when Erasmus students were trying to read ,,typical,, Slovak phrases and tongue twisters. Erasmus people could try to say those expressions...it was hard task, while many Slovak native speakers have got problem with saying sentence like e.g. Dolar Libra Rubel...but Erasmus people showed that they are already perfect at speaking Slovak!

The biggest surprise followed after the presentation. Jahodná, Slovak Folklore Ensamble, appeared and performed typical Slovak traditional folklore dances, music and costumes. Smiling faces of Erasmus students showed that they loved great movements of beautiful dancers, their dresses and that they loved Slovak folklore music too. Dancers and music players were all dressed in typical folklore costumes which brought authentic athmosphere of Slovakia.

After their show, Erasmus students were invited to try dancing with them. Even Slovak folklore costumes were available to try and made photos in them. All Eramsus students were impressed of this magnificient event. Their photos uploaded next day on social media can be an evidence, that they all enjoyed ,,N2N-Slovak night,,  full of Slovak food, coulture and traditions a lot.

Whole event was recorded by Student TV of UPJS.

Other, very important evidence of popularity of SLOVAK NIGHT was that ESN KE won „SECTION OF THE MONTH DECEMBER“ with this event. ESN KE joined the popular ESN Slovakia competion „SECTION OF THE MONTH“, which gives opportunity to show to the other ESN sections (or whole Slovakia) the event which is section most proud of. Later, people of ESN Slovakia sit together and choose the best event which can be presented as great example of amazing event for other ESNers.

ESN KE took part in competition and won with N2N Slovak Night ! We ESN KE are very happy that we managed to organised it and that whole event was so succesfull. We are sure, everybody will have nice memories to keep for long time. Big thanks to ESN KE president, all ESN KE members who helped and participated and GREAT Thanks to JAHODNA for their stunning show. They helped us to make the SLOVAK NIGHT unforgettable!

Author: ESN KE: Natália Uramová

Photos: ESN KE