After the weeks full of social and cultural activities, we decided to organize another kind of event, Responsible Party.

Responsible Party is a project is run across Europe with more than 174,000 students participating to date. Using the peer-to-peer approach student ambassadors are organizing activities during parties in a fun and engaging way with the aim to raise awareness about the health effects of alcohol consumption. It's about smart and simple tips helping you and your friends to really enjoy the party: making the night last longer while staying in good shape, avoiding excessive drinking and its dangerous consequences, situations you would regret.

To be honest, this term we did not have much time for organising dancing nights, but on the 26th of May we managed to organise Responsible Party in Viral. The theme was „Black and White Night“, so was the outfits of all people who came to Viral Club to dance and enjoy party without excessive drinking.

ESN KE members got together as a party squad to find some activities at the party, e.g. limbo, trying on the "drunk goggles" (glasses which create a vision of a drunk person) or other activities that would entertain students and so prevent them from irresponsible drinking. ESN KE also provided jars of water which were put on the tables for students to drink whenever needed.

All Erasmus Students and guests seemed to enjoy the party without need to drink. Also all the activities prepared by ESN KE met the success. This kind of partying is very popular in Europe because the next day you feel fresh and you do not suffer from hangover. You should try it too! I am sure, you will like it. For more information about Responsible Party visit: . Thanks goes to all participants who kept the idea of responsible partying and to Viral Club for offering us their club.

Authors: ESN KE: Zuzana Jánošová, Daniela Matejková

Photos: ESN KE