Nation2Nation series are over this year! And the last night of summer semester 2017 was dedicated to Slovakia, a new home for all the nations presented earlier.

The ESN Košice team prepared a really interesting night! Moreover, a proof is that thanks to this event, ESN Košice was awarded “Star of the Week” of the whole Erasmus Student Network! Our application had been evaluated by the Social Media Team of the Communication Committee and we won. The photo of N2N Slovak
Night was cover of the „ESN International (informal)“ Facebook Group for one week.

Firstly, there was a surprise guest, the folk ensemble Jahodná. Alekseeva Lyubov (Russia) said: “The coolest was the performance of Slovak national dance, especially the lesson of Slovak national dance after. I think everyone enjoyed dancing. It was really fun. Also the idea to let everyone try on national Slovak clothes was great“.

The night continued with the presentation about the country, its nature, famous sights, places, fun facts, language, traditions, cuisine... and with the food tasting! Starting with breakfast spreads (bryndza spread, garlic spread, pork spread), followed by traditional meals “bryndzové pirohy” (pirohy filled with bryndza and potatoes) and “gombovce” (potato dough balls filled with jam or fruits), the guests also loved different kinds of cheese plate and cakes (sponge cake with cherries, plum-jam roll and fermented plum cake). The specialty was a traditional drink “žinčica”, a drink made of sheep milk whey.

Terézia Kulíková, a Cultural Coordinator of ESN Košice: “As a head-organiser of all N2N Nights, I would like to sincerely thank to all the people participating in – you transformed those nights into an amazing multicultural experience, every time bringing in an authentic piece of your homeland. Thank you Erasmus students and thank you ESN Košice members! Hope to see the Nation2Nation series to be continued.”

Authors: ESN KE: Terézia Kulíková
Photos: ESN KE