Two of our active ESNers (Marianna Rudinská and Timea Krauszová) took part on the international, czecho-slovak Meet Your Colleagues Meeting, which was held in Brno between March 10 to March 12. The meeting was dedicating to two of ESN’s main projects: SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility.

Coordinators and delegates from both countries have spent an intensive weekend brainstorming new ideas, sharing what their sections are most proud of and learning from each other. The days were filled with interactive workshops, a lot of thought was given to the question of making ESN accessible for everyone and also to organising the upcoming SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility Weeks.       

We discussed the possibilities of a national event for both projects and most of all, we boosted our motivation to keep working for a more inclusive Europe and to make the mobilities of our incoming students even more memorable by providing them with opportunities to give back to their local communities.

It was a very successful meeting and us at ESN Košice have already started implementing some of the ideas that we drafted there. Shoutout to the OC for creating an atmosphere where it was easy to work and cooperate!


Author: ESN KE: Timea Krauszová

Photos: ESN KE