Erasmus in Schools

During the International Erasmus in Schools Week (13 – 19. 5.) Erasmus students visited  Hotel Academy in Košice and elementary school in Budimír. ESN coordinators were Vanda Nutarová, Andrea Hanáková and Mirka Maková.

15th May was the first day of Erasmus in Schools project in Kosice. ESN Košice girls and 5 Erasmus students spent this day at Hotel Academy with the students of 4.B. There were many different activities prepared for students that where divided into teams and Erasmus members were leaders of each team.

 Started with speaking, completing the crosswords which contained some funny facts about Scotland, Spain, Turkey continued with talking about interesting tourist destinations in Europe which should students locate on the map.

The last activity was language interchange while Slovak students taught Erasmus students some funny Slovak words and Erasmus students taught Slovak students some words in their language. They created the logo of SocialErasmus composed of their hands and wrote those new words inside what was very nice end of our session.

The 45min passed really fast and both local students and Erasmus students had a lot of fun. It was the first chance to speak with native speakers for most of Slovak students and they really enjoyed it.

On 17th of May 4 Erasmus students visited elementary school in Budimír. We spent 2 school hours in 4 classes. Through questions pupils could get to know our Erasmus students and thanks to vocabulary game they could practise English language as well.

Drawing the SE logo was also part of it. Pupils were very excited about the visit of Erasmus students so they wanted to spend with them another classes. For all of them it was frist time they met some  foreign people, so it was a great pleasure for all of them and valuable experience.

Authors: Andrea Hanáková, ESN Košice vice-president. Mirka Maková, ESN Košice SocialErasmus coordinator.